Presented in its entirety is here my 'workprint' of Star Wars with a wide variety of its inspirational ancestry intercut and annotated.

Update: Unfortunately a company working on behalf of 20th Century Fox has issued a DMCA takedown of this video from Vimeo, and so it is no longer available as a whole. Most of the individual pieces are however still available throughout the site, accompanying the various essays they belong to.


And so, here's Star Wars in its entirety, intercut with much of its source material.

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I created this workprint of Star Wars, intercut with all of the film, music and comic book references I could find a way to manifest in film-form, during the course of working on Kitbashed. It's still quite incomplete, and in many ways rough and shoddily done, at least by the standards of some of the other similar projects out there. But there comes a time in a man's life when he must move on to doing something else with his time, other than sitting on a video until it is 'perfected'.

I'll continually replace this video as I insert new snippets and adjust the editing of existing ones, at least until someone at Disney decides enough is enough, in which case I guess you'll have to go back to reading.


Edward Summer

Michael Heilemann

The Score

Michael Heilemann