Before Obi-Wan sensed the destruction of Alderaan across the gulf of space, Spock sensed the deaths of his fellow Vulcans.

From the opening of The Immunity Syndrome, episode 18 of season 2, of Star Trek the original series, first broadcast in 1966, Spock senses the deaths of 400 vulcans across the gulf of space.

This is one of those supposed influences which has no further proof to substantiate it. It seems entirely reasonable to assume that Lucas had watched the original Star Trek series in the mid-60s when it was airing, and though he never talked about it, it seems just as reasonable to assume that it indeed lay the foundation for much of the thinking behind taking on science fiction/fantasy with Star Wars in the first place.

Regardless, like most of the other more spiritual, almost slight-of-hand-like tricks exhibited by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first film as proof of the force, this one too is nowhere near the superhuman-like abilities the later films would reach for.


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